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Welcome to, the official website operated and owned by ZAVIER AI (referred to herein as “we,” “us,” or “our”). 

Your access and use of our website signify your acceptance of the services provided, subject to the terms and conditions specified in this agreement. Please note that these terms may be periodically updated, with or without prior notice. We strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing and understanding these Terms and Conditions. Your decision to access and use this website implies your acknowledgment, understanding, and agreement to belegally bound by these terms and conditions, including our Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of this agreement (collectively referred to as this “Agreement”). If any of these terms are unacceptable to you, we respectfully request that you refrain from using the website

  • Agreement” refers to this set of Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy and any other documents provided to you by the Website.
  • Service” or “Services” refer to any service offered through our Website.
  • User“, “You“, and “Your” refer to the individual or entity accessing the Website to avail of any service from us. User may also include a company, partnership, sole trader, person, body corporate, or association taking services from this Website.
  • We“, “us“, and “our” are references to ZAVIER AI.
  • Website” shall mean and include “”, as well as any successor Website of the Company or any of its affiliates.
  • Subscription” or “Subscription Plan” denotes the fees required to be paid by Customers for availing the services offered by us.
  • User Account” shall mean an electronic account opened for the customer to avail of various services offered on the Website.


  • All references to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, and the word “includes” shall be interpreted as “without limitation”.
  • Words used in this Agreement, regardless of number or gender specifically used, shall be deemed to include any other number, singular or plural, and any other gender, masculine, feminine, or neuter, as required by the context.
  • References to any statute, ordinance, or other law shall include all regulations and other instruments, as well as any consolidations, amendments, re-enactments, or replacements that are currently in force.
  • All headings, bold text, and italics (if any) are inserted for convenience of reference only and do not define, limit, or affect the meaning or interpretation of the terms of this Agreement.


  • Scope. These Terms govern your use of the Website and Services. Unless otherwise specified, they do not apply to Third-Party Products or Services, which are subject to their own terms of service.


  • Eligibility: Accessing and utilizing Zavier AI’s Services requires meeting the minimum age criteria of at least 18 years old or adhering to the age required in your country for consent. If you’re under 18, it’s essential to obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian before using our Services. By using Zavier AI, you confirm compliance with the age criteria or obtaining necessary parental or guardian consent for accessing and utilizing our platform.


  • Electronic Communication: By using this Website or sending e-mails and other electronic communications from your desktop or mobile device to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You agree to receive electronic communications from us in the same format, and you may retain copies of these communications for your records.

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We maintain the right to, at any given point, make adjustments to the Terms. These adjustments may involve revisions, amendments, additions, or deletions of different sections within the Terms. We may inform you of these changes by sending an email to the address associated with your Account or by posting an updated version of the Terms on our Website that incorporates the changes. Your continued use of the Website following the posting of these modifications signifies your acceptance and adherence to the revised Terms.


You are required to provide accurate and comprehensive information when registering for an account to access our Services. It’s prohibited to share your account credentials or make your account accessible to others, and you bear responsibility for all activities conducted under your account. If you create an account or utilize our Services on behalf of another individual or entity, you must possess the authority to accept these Terms on their behalf. Maintaining the accuracy of your account details is crucial, and you commit to doing so. Any authorized or unauthorized usage of your account is solely your responsibility. Promptly notifying us of any unauthorized activities or breaches related to your account is mandatory. We reserve the right, at our discretion and with or without prior notice, to suspend or terminate any of your account privileges.



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Using this Website, you have the chance to access the Products and Services available here. However, we do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, reliability, currency, or absolute absence of errors in the descriptions of these Products and Services. In the event that a Product or Service deviates from its description on the Website, your sole recourse is to inform us and request appropriate action.

  • Subscription Plans: Our website offers various subscription plans that grant you access to exclusive features and content. The details of each subscription plan, including pricing, duration, and available features, can be found on the subscription page.
  • Payment Information: To subscribe to any of our plans, you will be required to provide valid and up-to-date payment information. By doing so, you authorize us to charge the applicable subscription fees to your chosen payment method.
  • Billing Cycle: Subscription fees are typically billed on a recurring basis, as specified in the plan you choose. You will be billed automatically at the beginning of each billing cycle unless you cancel your subscription in accordance with our cancellation policy.
  • Auto-Renewal: Unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the current billing cycle, it will automatically renew for the same duration. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal settings in your account profile.
  • Cancellation: You may cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that subscription fees are non-refundable, and any cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Price Changes: We reserve the right to modify the subscription fees for our plans. Any price changes will be communicated to you in advance, and you will have the option to accept the new pricing or cancel your subscription.
  • Maximum word limit: our website operates under a monthly maximum word limit for generated content. Should you reach this predetermined limit, we encourage you to contact our dedicated support team to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Taxes: Subscription fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes, which will be added to the total amount due, as required by law.
  • Refunds: Subscription fees are non-refundable, except where applicable laws may require a refund. Please review our refund policy for further details.
  • Payment Security: We take the security of your payment information seriously and use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect it.
  • Failed Payments: In the event of a failed payment, we will attempt to notify you and may temporarily suspend your access to subscription features until the outstanding payment is resolved.
  • Changes to Plans: We may update or modify our subscription plans and features at our discretion. Any such changes will be communicated to subscribers in advance.
  • Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about payments or subscriptions, please reach out to our support team at

By subscribing to our services, you agree to these payment and subscription terms, as well as our overall Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.



We reserve the discretion to limit or control access to any product or service to specific individuals, geographic regions, or jurisdictions as we see fit.


Grant of license:

  • Under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Company provides the User with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to utilize the Software and Service throughout the Term.
  • The User will receive access to the Software and Service and may authorize its employees to access it. The User bears responsibility for ensuring the appropriate use of the Software and Services by its Authorized Users.
  • The User acknowledges and comprehends that it is prohibited from sublicensing or distributing the Service to third parties.



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At, we hold the privacy and security of user data in the highest regard. Our platform is fortified with stringent security protocols and cutting-edge encryption measures to fortify the protection of user information. We have implemented a series of robust security measures to ensure the utmost data security, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of user interactions within our platform. Through advanced encryption and secure data handling practices, we maintain a vigilant stance against potential threats, prioritizing the safeguarding of user data at every stage of their engagement with our platform. Our commitment to robust security measures underscores our dedication to providing users with a safe and secure environment for their content creation needs.

  • You are required to use the Service and Website exclusively for lawful purposes and must adhere to all applicable laws throughout your use of the Website.
  • Uploading any content onto the website that is defamatory, infringing upon the trademarks, copyrights, or proprietary rights of any individual, violating privacy, containing violence or hate speech, or disclosing sensitive information about any person is strictly prohibited.
  • Accessing or using the Website for the purpose of gathering market research for a competing business is not allowed.
  • Impersonation or misrepresentation of any person or entity for deceptive or unlawful motives is prohibited.
  • Employing viruses or hacking tools to disrupt the operation of the Website or its data and files is strictly forbidden.
  • Accessing the Website through any device, scraper, or automated means without obtaining permission from us is prohibited.
  • We encourage you to report any inappropriate or illegal content encountered on the Website.
  • You shall not interfere with or attempt to disrupt the proper functioning of the Website, whether through viruses, devices, data collection or transmission mechanisms, software, routines, or any other means, nor attempt unauthorized access to any data, files, or passwords associated with the Website.
  • Blocking, obscuring, covering, or otherwise interfering with any advertisements or safety features (e.g., report abuse button) on the Website is not permitted.
  • Actions that, at our sole discretion, place an unreasonable or excessively large load on our technical infrastructure are prohibited.
  • You are obligated to inform us of any inappropriate content you come across, and if you encounter any content that violates any laws, please notify us, and we will review it.

While we are not under an obligation to continuously monitor access to the Services or Content, or to review or modify any Content, we reserve the right to do so. This is done to maintain the operation of the Services, ensure compliance with these Terms, and meet applicable legal obligations or requirements. We hold the exclusive right, at our sole and absolute discretion, to deny your access to the Website or any service, or any part of the Website or service, without prior notice, and to delete any content.


  • Pursuant to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Company grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to employ the Software and Service during the Term.
  • The User will be granted access to the Software and Service and can authorize its employees to use them. The User must ensure that its Authorized Users use the Software and Services in a proper manner.
  • The User recognizes and understands that sublicensing or distributing the Service to third parties is not permitted.
  • This Agreement should not be construed as a transfer of title or ownership of the Service to the User.
  • Creating, generating, or submitting any content containing explicit, adult, or otherwise inappropriate material is strictly forbidden on the Zavier AI website. Users must refrain from generating NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content in any form.



You acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, validity, or timeliness of the information provided by us or any third parties. Furthermore, we shall not assume responsibility for any content posted by us or any third party. When assessing potential methods or offers and evaluating information from us or third parties, you should exercise your own judgment, caution, and common sense.

We shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or other forms of loss or damage that a user may experience while using the Website. This includes, but is not limited to, data or information loss, financial or physical losses, or damages.

In no event shall ZAVIER AI, its owners, directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers, or affiliates be accountable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary expenses. These expenses may include, among other things, profit, revenue, usage, goodwill, or other intangible losses. Such liability may arise from: (i) your use or inability to access or utilize the Service; (ii) the conduct or content of any third party on the Service; (iii) any content obtained from the Service; and (iv) unauthorized access, use, or alteration of your transmissions or content. This applies regardless of whether the basis for such liability is warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), or any other legal theory, even if we have been informed of the potential for such damages, and even if a remedy outlined herein is determined to have failed in its fundamental purpose.


We will not be held responsible for any losses that may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances encompass, but are not limited to, the unavailability of our website, any errors or omissions on our website, the privacy policies and practices of third-party websites linked to us, or any unauthorized access or loss of personal information.


We also offer an expansive range of niche-specific content tailored meticulously to cater to various industries and sectors. Our platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to generate highly specialized content that addresses the specific needs and preferences of diverse niches. Users have access to a rich repository of AI-generated content specifically crafted for various domains, enabling them to effectively target and engage their audiences within their respective industries. Whether it’s content for technology, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, ensures that users can access niche-specific content to power their communication strategies and connect more effectively with their target markets.

24.ENHANCED COLLABORATION TOOLS understands the importance of teamwork in content creation endeavors. Our platform integrates cutting-edge collaboration features designed to facilitate efficient and seamless team collaboration. Users can leverage these tools to work collaboratively on content projects, allowing multiple team members to contribute, edit, and share content simultaneously.’s collaboration functionalities are geared toward enhancing productivity and teamwork, enabling teams to work together effortlessly on various content-related tasks. With these robust collaboration tools, users can streamline their workflow, ensure smooth communication, and achieve better results in content creation efforts.


Participating in unlawful spam activities, including but not limited to collecting email addresses and personal information from individuals or sending bulk commercial emails, is strictly forbidden when utilizing our website or any of our services.


The Website may contain links to external or third-party websites (“External Sites”). These links are provided for your convenience and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the content on these External Sites by us. The content on these External Sites is generated and maintained by third parties, and you have the option to directly contact the site administrator of these External Sites. We are not responsible for the content available on any External Sites linked from our Website, and we do not make any claims regarding the accuracy or quality of the information found on these External Sites. It’s crucial for you to take precautions, such as installing antivirus software when downloading files from these websites, to protect your computer against viruses and other potentially harmful programs. If you choose to access these linked External Sites, you do so at your own discretion and risk.


At, our dedication to innovation and improvement is unwavering. We are steadfast in our commitment to ongoing AI development initiatives, constantly striving to enhance the capabilities of our AI algorithms. Through continuous research and development efforts, we aim to refine and evolve our AI systems to produce more accurate, refined, and sophisticated content generation solutions. These initiatives underscore our determination to stay at the forefront of AI technology, ensuring that our users benefit from the latest advancements in content creation tools.’s focus on continuous AI development initiatives reflects our commitment to providing users with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art AIpowered content generation.


We also understand the critical role of audience targeting in effective content creation. Our platform empowers users to input specific audience personas, encompassing demographics and psychographics, to tailor content creation. By aligning content with these targeted audience characteristics, our AI-driven system generates content that resonates deeply with the intended audience. This personalized approach ensures that the content produced is finely tuned to meet the preferences, interests, and needs of the specified audience personas, thereby enhancing engagement and connection with the desired target audience.


The website, its content, and services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, warranties that the website will function error-free or that the website, its servers, its content, or its services are free from computer viruses or similar forms of contamination or destructive elements. While we strive to maintain safe, secure, accurate, and well-functioning services, we cannot ensure continuous operation or uninterrupted access to our services, and occasional unintentional technical or factual errors or inaccuracies may occur. A) No Warranties:

We explicitly disclaim, including but not limited to:

  1. Any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, quiet enjoyment, or non-infringement; and
  2. Any warranties arising from the course of dealing, usage, or trade. You assume all risk for any and all damages that may arise from your use of or access to the services. We are not responsible for the loss of, damage to, or unavailability of any information you have made accessible through the services. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you possess backup copies of any information made available through the services.
    1. No Guarantee of Accuracy:

We do not guarantee the accuracy of information, and we disclaim all liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the information, content, recommendations, and materials offered through the services.

  1. No Warranties Regarding Third Parties:

We make no representations, warranties, or guarantees, whether express or implied, regarding any third-party service or advice provided by a third party.

Technical Disclaimer:

While every endeavor is made to maintain the website’s smooth operation, we do not accept responsibility for, and will not be held liable for, temporary website unavailability due to technical issues beyond our control.


If you require further information or have questions about our site’s disclaimer, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

28.CLOSURE AND LIABILITY DISCLAIMER acknowledges the right to terminate or suspend service access without prior notification, especially in cases where users breach the platform’s terms and conditions. In circumstances necessitating a planned website closure, is committed to providing users with adequate prior notice. Additionally, a reasonable period will be allotted to users to retrieve their stored data before the permanent deletion of their information from our systems. It is important to note that relinquishes liability for any potential damages, including but not limited to the loss of data, information, or profits incurred as a result of website closure or termination of services. Users are advised to safeguard their data and make necessary backups in anticipation of any unforeseen circumstances related to service cessation or website closure.


ZavierAI retains the unequivocal right to terminate its services, discontinue operations, or effectuate the closure of its business at any given time, with or without prior notice. This clause encompasses a broad scope, including but not limited to the cessation of all services provided by ZavierAI, closure or removal of its online platform, and undertaking any other actions deemed necessary by ZavierAI’s management or stakeholders.

The discretion to terminate services or shut down the business under this clause is absolute and does not necessitate ZavierAI to furnish any notification or explanation for the decision. This provision allows ZavierAI the flexibility to cease operations for any reason deemed fit by the management, regardless of the absence of prior notice or explanation to its users, clients, or stakeholders.

It is essential to acknowledge that this exit clause empowers ZavierAI to undertake such actions to protect its interests, comply with legal obligations, adapt to market conditions, or for any other valid reasons without being obligated to provide further details or rationale behind the decision.


By accessing or using this Website, you approve us to use, store, or otherwise process your personal information as per our Privacy Policy.


Although we have made every endeavor to validate the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information available on this Website, we regret any inadvertent errors or omissions that may have arisen. We do not offer any assurances or guarantees regarding the flawless operation of the Website for a particular purpose, its timeliness, the correction of any defects, or the absence of viruses or bugs in the site or server that facilitates its accessibility. We do not assert any express or implied warranties, which encompass but are not restricted to warranties of suitability for a particular purpose or precision, regarding the functionality, accuracy, or dependability of the Website.


You consent to safeguard, indemnify, and absolve us, along with our officers, directors, employees, successors, and licensees, from any claims, actions, or demands, encompassing reasonable legal and accounting costs, that may arise due to your violation of this Agreement or your improper utilization of the Content or the Website. We will apprise you of any such claims, lawsuits, or proceedings and support you, at your expense, in your defense. We reserve the right, at your expense, to assume full control of the exclusive defense of any matter liable for indemnification under this section. In such an instance, you agree to cooperate with our rational requests to aid in our defense of the matter.


In the event that any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary in order for the Terms to otherwise remain in full force and effect and enforceable.


Term. The Services provided to you may be canceled or terminated by us. We reserve the right to terminate these Services at any time, with or without cause, upon written notice. We shall have no liability to you or any third party as a result of such termination. Termination of these Terms will also terminate all of your Services.

Effect of Termination. Upon termination of these Terms for any reason, or cancellation or expiration of your Services: (a) We will cease providing the Services; (b) you will not be entitled to any refunds or usage fees, or any other fees, pro-rata or otherwise; (c) any fees you owe to us will immediately become due and payable in full, and (d) we may delete your archived data within 30 days. All sections of the Terms that expressly provide for survival, or by their nature should survive, will survive termination of the Terms, including, without limitation, indemnification, warranty disclaimers, and limitations of liability.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning the subject matter contained in this Agreement.


In the event of a dispute arising between you and the website, our goal is to resolve such dispute quickly and cost-effectively. Therefore, you and the website agree that any claim or controversy at law or equity arising between us out of this Agreement or the website and mobile application Services (a “Claim”) will be resolved in accordance with the section entitled “Dispute Resolution.” Prior to resorting to these alternatives, you agree to first contact us directly to seek dispute assistance by reaching out to Customer Service.


For any claim arising between you and (excluding claims for injunctive or other equitable relief), the party seeking relief may choose to resolve the dispute cost-effectively through binding non-appearance-based arbitration. A party electing arbitration must initiate such arbitration through an established alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) provider mutually agreed upon by the parties. The ADR provider and the parties must comply with the following rules: (a) the arbitration will be conducted by telephone, online, and/or based solely on written submissions, with the specific manner chosen by the party initiating the arbitration; (b) the arbitration will not involve any personal appearance by the parties or witnesses unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties; and (c) if an arbitrator renders an award, the party receiving the award may enter any judgment on the award in any court of competent jurisdiction.


The terms herein will be governed by and construed under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Delware, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. The Courts of the State of Delware shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the use of the Website.


We will have no liability to you, your users, or any third party for any failure to perform our or its obligations under these Terms if such non-performance arises as a result of an event beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, an act of war or terrorism, natural disaster, failure of electricity supply, riot, civil disorder, or civil commotion, or any other force majeure event.


We shall have the right to assign or transfer this agreement to any third party, including its holding, subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, and group companies, without obtaining consent from the User.


We welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvements to the Services (“Feedback”). You can submit Feedback by emailing us at

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